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In the Media: teamtim trivia

Big thanks to my man Kirk Kline for the shoutout on Donewaiting.

…jammed to some Team Tim Trivia (y’all gotta get on this).

Can’t decide if I should try to get him to do more or less shouting at teamtim trivia.

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Television theme songs are dying

Someday, in the not too distant future, what I think of fondly as “question number 9” will be a thing of the past:


Thanks to TV networks doing away with their shows’ opening-credit theme songs in order to cram in as many ads as possible, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences . . . → Read More: Television theme songs are dying

First Zombie Warning of the Year

Found via Odes . . . → Read More: First Zombie Warning of the Year

Vintage Pong

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Random Trivia

(from darkmatter‘s Flickr stream)

I have a sneaking suspicion that 80% of the people that come to trivia every week are either there to get a free PBR, or to fight off the Monday blues. For the other 20%, here’s a random trivia generator based on Wikipedia’s random article generator.

Quizipedia chooses ten random articles (I cam across . . . → Read More: Random Trivia

For Sale: A Hipster’s Dream

From Holy Kaw by way of @radiotool:

What’s a hipster to do? Pabst Brewing, the producer of the ever celebrated and dirt cheap Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, is on the market. The owner is reportedly looking for a buyer with about $300 million or so, according to the New York Post. That’s like 150 million cans of . . . → Read More: For Sale: A Hipster’s Dream

My dying youth: A roundup

  • The inspiration for Ferris Bueller. [/Film]
  • New “Dark Crystal” and “Fraggle Rock” movies coming. [/Film]
  • A mechanic names Ferris took a customer’s Jaguar out for a joyride. [Videogum]
  • Alan Alda’s adorable Atari ads [Videogum]
  • Mister Rodgers, the “nicest, most genuine guy in American history.” [Boing Boing]
  • Movie and television time travel timeline [/Film]
  • MTV’s new “Teen Wolf” television show [Videogum]
  • Ferris Bueller Fight Club theory [/Film]
  • BTTF almost “Nuked the Fridge” [/Film]
  • BTTF wedding cake [Boing Boing]

Some videos after the jump.

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Wex on the Road, on a Bike

The following is reposted from the WexBlog.

“You may have to come and pick me up along the side of the road, if I can’t do this.” –Tim Fulton, Wex media coordinator, at 5:30 AM, Saturday, August 29.

Back in April I traded in my motor vehicular habits for a more economic and environmentally friendly form of transit–a bicycle. Since then, I’ve really grown to love my bike and value riding it as a part of my routine. When I heard about Pelotonia, the grassroots bike tour to raise funds for Ohio State’s James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, it seemed like a great opportunity to challenge my boundaries as a cyclist. I had never ridden more than 15-or-so miles before. With the fine folks at the Wex pledging to support part of my ride (read: donate money), I set out to accomplish my goal: crank out 50 miles on a one-speed bicycle.

I began training independently in June by doing consecutively longer rides each week. The summer proved busier than I’d hoped, and I ended up ”falling off the wagon” in mid-July. As you can imagine, I was a bit worried in the days leading up to the tour. All I could do was carb-up and hope for the best. The constant checking in from my coworkers (“Are you nervous,” “I could never do that,” “If you die on the ride, take off the Wexner Center shirt first”) didn’t help my nerves.

On the day of the ride, I awoke at 4:30 AM, ate breakfast, and arrived at the starting line. Although I didn’t know anyone else riding, there was a great sense of community among the more than 2,200 riders, all there to have a good time for a good cause. The tour began, and my goal was just to pace myself to ensure that I’d complete the 50-mile ride on my one-speed. (Riding uphill was quite comical.) As I pulled in to the 12-mile rest stop, I was feeling pretty good. I wasn’t too fatigued, my muscles were holding up, and I was experiencing the beginnings of the adrenaline rush that comes with a long ride. To affirm my optimism, I saw Mayor Coleman pull in about 5 minutes behind me. If I was out pacing the mayor (who completed a mini-triathlon earlier this year) at 12 miles, I knew that everything was going to be just fine.

Three hours, fifty miles, and four Power Bars later, I was on a bus back to Columbus, tired, proud, and looking forward to conquering the 100-mile ride next year.

Read on for pictures from my ludicrous outfit (not on the Wexblog) (props to @jordanlk for the pics).

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Ham Radio Trolls

Mostly because of conversations with my Mom and Dad (zombies ARE scary), and a recent New York Times article on the benefits, I’m waiting on some books to come from Amazon so that I can study for my ham radio license.

But NOW, I have all the more reason to get on the air.

From BoingBoing.net:

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Holy Shit, It’s Legit: The Awesome Foundation

(image via catcubed‘s photo stream)

I blogged about the Awesome Foundation a while back. There wasn’t much information on the organzation at the time, but what a great idea: fund awesome projects. That’s it!

This month, they awarded their first $1000 grant, and The Sound of Young America, has a written interview with one of the board members.

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