Tonight’s the night! Starting tonight, we’ll be at Grandview Cafe every Wednesday from 8 to 10 PM. Get there early to reserve yourself a table. A quick review of our rules:

  • Three rounds of trivia, fifteen questions each
  • Rounds are not cumulative. Prizes are awarded for the first-place team each round
  • Compete in teams of one to four people. Along those lines, if it looks like cheating, it is cheating. Don’t have more than four people contributing to your answer sheet at a time.
  • No internet-enabled devices.
  • Themes tend to be announced ahead of time at

Our prize is one $50 gift card to a Swanson Hospitality restaurant for the first-place team each round.

And we’ve got something very special for you: THE WINNERS’ CIRCLE

Over the course of three months, every winning team (three per night) will be invited via email to a special playoff event on a Sunday to compete for a $200 prize package from Swanson Hospitality.

Here are tonight’s themes:

1. In The News
2. Sports Records
3. Cool Statues
4. Serial Killers
5. Soundtrack
6. 90’s Fashion
7. At the Movies
8. Head Coaches
9. Theme Song
10. Eggs
11. Eggheads
12. Movie Characters
13. Song I Dislike
14. Booze
15. This Day In History